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Our city becomes smaller and smaller by the fact that there is a lot of traffic. Whereas our city becomes higher and higher beause of the up and down lift running inside the construction. The automobile invention changes our living mode. And lift spurs along the soaring development to the city.

Therefore someone comments that it will not have Lu Jia Zhui in shanghai and Manhattan in New York etc. Without the lift. Indeed, the high-rise buildings have been erected because of the existence of lift. Ourcity has been lifted up by this cause as well.Lift elevates the living qulity of the people. The construction designers give a full play of the building imagination and inspiration. It exceeds the stairway limit and extends up to the sky.

there is a beam of brilliant ray of light that slowly rises inthe urban sky. We halt in the building to truly feel the warmth from the beam. This is the very light of AOLINGDA !It is a glower that bears love and wish. It is a favored one in the lift circle!

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